• At the end of the worlds longest fjord

    The town Skjolden lies in Luster municipality in Sogn og Fjordane, and is the end of Sognefjorden, 200 km from the ocean.

    The most important industry in Skjolden is agriculture with meat and milk production as the most essential products. Tourism is another industry of great importance. Every year thousands of guests travel through Skjolden, and most of the tourist travel from Germany, Holland and Norway.
    In addition, Luster municipality is one of the greatest producers of energy in Norway. 

    Skjolden is well known in philosophers circuits because of the Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein. He lived several years in Skjolden, and today more and more tourists are interested in Wittgensteins history.

    The University of Bergen and the Wittgenstein archive regularly arranges Wittgenstein seminar at Skjolden Hotel.

Skjolden Brygge
Phone: +47 91803025