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  • Great outdoors activities

    Here are some of the actiovities you can enjoy while staying in Skjolden.

    Glacier walking

    Jostedalsbreen offers glacier walking for everybody of the age of 6 and older. Also, they have more challenging hikes for those who want that.
    Nigardsbreen, which is an extension of Jostedalsbreen, is only a 45 minute drive from Skjolden and is an excellent starting point for hiking trips in the area.

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    For those who seek more challenging adventures, rafting is offered several places in the area. Also family friendly rafting is possible to arrange.

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    In Skjolden, there are many possibilities for fishermen. You can fish in both the sea, in the nearby lakes and in the rivers. 
    You can rent boats at the hotel. 

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    There are many activities and attractions in Skjolden, such as a swimming-pool, indoor climbing wall, Lama safari and a short distance to Urnes Stavechurch.

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